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Select Home Care is actively seeking compassionate and professional people to care for our clients. Find out if Select Home Care is the best fit for you!

Full Time Caregiver

Many of our caregivers work 40+ hours per week. We would love to have you join our full time team!

Part Time Caregiver

We understand that time does not permit some people to work full time. Therefore, we work together with you to create a schedule that works well for everybody.

On-Call Caregiver

If you want the potential for an uplifted hourly rate and are willing to cover shifts throughout the week, the on-call position could be an option for you.

Day/Night Time Caregiver

Specify when you are available to work by choosing day, night, or both!

Weekend Caregiver

Many of our caregivers are also full time students, parents, and more. We have positions available that fit the needs of these people who are only available on the weekend.

Care Coordinator

An in-office job, the care coordinator will assist in scheduling and deal directly with caregivers and clients. To read the full job description, click above.

It has been great working with Select Home Care, they are very flexible when it comes to scheduling especially during the school year"
Stephanie A.
I have worked with Select Home Care for two years and I have to tell you I love it. The staff is very family oriented and management truly cares about their staff and their needs. All the clients I have been assigned to are very loving and caring. I couldn't have been more blessed with a great place to work for.
Karen B.