New Centennial Club Member: Marge Senders!

Picture from Marg Sender's 100th Birthday Party (11/13/19). Her actual birthday is the 15th of November

Select Home Care loves celebrating the life of those we care for and we’ve taken a special appreciation for the the clients who reach their centennial mark! Welcome Marge Senders, the latest member of the club for those who have reached the youthful age of 100! We wanted to make a special post for you as you have been wonderful to work with. This is why so many of us are dedicated to helping and serving In-Home care. We have so much gratitude and feel so privileged to be serving you!

At the ceremony Marge was quoted as saying that she was happy for “Living a peaceful life until (she) was 100”. She also made note of saying that she, “Felt blessed for having a truly wonderful family where they don’t have to try to get along as they naturally do get along”. 

Later Marge was kind enough to emphasize some advice learned leading to her  milestone: “Never give an opinion unless it’s asked for and no matter what has happened in your life always look at the bright side of things”.

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